Stop Smoking Easily Ebook Launch



Carol Adams of Brighton And Hove Stop Smoking is delighted and excited to announce the launch of her new book ‘Stop Smoking Easily Without Cravings In 60 Minutes’.

Stop Smoking Easily Ebook Launch

If you would like a FREE copy then email or simply call Carol now on 01273 251251. (Also available on the Amazon Kindle Store)

After successfully treating thousands of smokers over an eight year period Carol thought it was time to publish her account about the amazing effects of Bioresonance therapy.

Carol goes on to explain. “Many people still have not heard of Bioresonance therapy and they therefore don’t know how the therapy works, how successful it is or more importantly how easy it is to stop. So, I decided to spread the word by launching a free Ebook which is available direct from me via email or through Amazons Kindle Bookstore.

I had this treatment myself eight years ago after seeing an article on Richard and Judy Show and again on BBC News explaining how it worked. I stopped after just one treatment and have since become a fully qualified therapist and now run clinics across the UK and also in Spain.

Bioresonance is an alternative therapy that is completely safe and harmless. It has amazing results because it actually removes the nicotine addiction from the body putting you back to how you were before you ever smoked. You therefore experience no cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

What I particularly like is that most people I see now have been recommended by the family or friends who, after seeing the amazing results for themselves, realise how easy it can be to stop smoking…for good!”

So don’t put off stopping smoking any longer. Save yourself thousands of pounds a year and enjoy a healthier, longer life.

Get your FREE copy now by visiting the Kindle store or email or simply call Carol now on 01273 251251. You can also visit the very informative website

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