3 More Stop Smoking Testimonials


Stop Smoking In UKA few stop smoking testimonials from satisfied customers


Hi carol,

I havn’t now smoked since the treatment. The big test for me was on friday night when I went out and drank alcahol…..I got very pissed and didn’t smoke!! Great I am very happy…thankyou, I will recommed you to many friends who want to stop smoke…james


Dear CarolI am letting you know that I have NOT had a cigarette since my therapy with on the 30th of august and I feel great and look much better My girlfriend’s cigarettes don’t bother me any more and I am confident that I will never smoke again!  Thanks so muchBest wishes Miranda


Hi, my name is Dan. It’s been a month since I stopped smoking with the Bicom 2000. In my case I don’t really wanted to stop, because I am going through many changes in my life right now. My father saw an advertisement on a local newspaper and suggested to give it a try, and it worked. I couldn’t believe that a habit I have had for 20 years would disappear in 20 minutes of therapy, but after the session I felt really calm and had no desire to smoke, so I waited and waited and night came without any cigarette. The day after I woke up very rested and calm with a increased appetite, which followed the next days, at the fifth day without smoking the appetite started to slowly go back to normal. I gained a couple of kilos but what is that compared to the high level of energy and vitality and the joy of being free from the slavery of nicotine. I would sincerely recommend the Bicom 2000 to anybody that want to stop smoking without pain or suffering.